Getting Started - Lesson: How you click, add, drag, and connect. Example using the 14 Pt. Checklist

Example video showing you how to build your Org Graph via clicks and drags. In this video we show you the steps used to build an OGraph from the perspective of your Job. Everything basically links to Jobs. This is the basic, simple approach.

Organizational Cognizance Model™ 14 Point Checklist What is the Purpose of my Job?

  1. What Positions do I fill as part of my Job? What is the Purpose of each Position?
  2. Who do I report to?
  3. Who is my Mentor?
  4. Who do I turn to for Coaching in each of my Positions?
  5. What Teams am I part of?
  6. What Meetings will I attend?
  7. What Entities (clients, projects, contracts, etc.) will I interact with?
  8. What Workflows do I participate in?
  9. What Processes will I follow and/or maintain?
  10. What Systems do I interface with and need to master?
  11. What are my Objectives?
  12. What are my Key Results?
  13. What Skills or Competencies do I need now and in the future?
Cognizance: It is called: “The Organizational Cognizance Model”. When an individual can check off these 14 things they will be organizationally cognizant, not just aware.  They can visualize these 14 points with an Org Graph. An example, awareness is when you smell smoke, cognizance is when you know what you smell is the smoke from the cozy fireplace in the den vs an electrical fire in the wall.

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